outsourcing premium services


Airports are one of the main entries to cities and countries, therefore first impressions of travellers are of great value. Consequently airports become a place where the quality of services should be a constant priority, as they somehow represent the personality and socioeconomic context of that specific destination.

Travellers’ personal experience in the airport field is one of the key elements for airports to make the difference and stand out among others. Many of the offered services are designed to bring the best experience posible. However, above all VIP services are the ones who achieve the biggest impact.

This increasing trend in the sector offers many advantages to airports and airlines once they find the ideal partner to manage their premium services. At GIS we are conscious about the importance of working with a profesional partner, which is why we have specialized in the creation and management of premium services at airports, offering the highest quality to infrastructure managers and airline companies.

As we mentioned before, both airports and airlines by using this new management model can benefit from a wide number of advantages such as:

  • Specialization: Outsourcing of the management and coordination of services lead by an expert team who works exclusively for the wellbeing of their travellers, ensuring the optimal satisfaction level of the end-customer.
  • Experiences count: Providing a pleasant experience for passengers will boost and position the airports’ or airlines’ image.
  • Quality and profitability: Providing a complete service requires maintaining high quality standards, and at GIS we ensure this is achieved. Furthermore, the outsourcing of VIP service management allows our clients to optimize costs and improve both the airports’ or the airline’s profitability.

At GIS we have been in the airport sector for many years and it allow us to be well positioned to offer a consolidated and professional management model with a wide variety of services, tailored to the specific needs of each project. 

Thank you and enjoy the blog.