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Comfort and amenities at airports are a must; two of the main attributes that passengers expect to find during their waiting time, which is why companies in the airport environment as well as airlines know it’s something to put their focus on every single day. 

Like we recently explained in our previous post  we are starting to see a trend in the sector where airlines and airports are beginning to outsource the management of their VIP service offering to specialized companies. Why? Because they too are looking for a professional team who can offer them the comfort of having an expert partner doing what they do best. 

For GIS, comfort means hotel rooms where passengers can rest for a few hours without having to leave the airport, a shower in between flights, an easy and quick check-in, WiFi and sockets at cafés or why not, a relaxing massage during waiting time.

One of these specialized brands who offers all of these services is Premium Traveller  by GIS, an online platform offering VIP services at 60 international airports. And the most importantly part is that their services are accessible to everyone, from Economy to Business or First Class.

Both airports in Madrid and Barcelona are two of the main brand ambassadors of Premium Traveller. However, when travelling to other big international cities such as London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris or Rome among many others, Premium Traveller also plays a big role in collaboration with diversity of companies and airlines. 

So what exactly does Premium Traveller offer?

Premium Traveller offer to book services online as it’s an online platform, customers now have the chance to book any service from home in just one click:

  • Executives Lounges accessible for every passenger, not just those who are travelling in Business or First class.
  • Meet & Greet Service for those who want to save time and have a personalized accompaniment service whilst being at the airport. From private pick-up service at home to forgetting about paperwork, as the assigned person will be there to do so.
  • Fast Check-in and Security Control; no queues, no worries, no obstacles to enter the airport.
  • Transfer Service with direct transport from the airport to the aeroplane to set off on time.
  • Business Meetings with offices, meeting rooms and venues ready for business meetings and professional encounters whilst travelling.
  • Air Rooms located inside terminals where travellers can rest for a few hours, days or simply take a shower before getting on the next plane. Now in Barcelona and Madrid and very soon in Rome Fiumicino airport.
  • Wellness, Hairdresser and Fitness for personal care and well-being.

Enjoy the airport with Premium Traveller.