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A hotel’s location is one of the most relevant factors when deciding where to stay whilst travelling. More so, this factor becomes even more important for those who are constantly on the go for leisure or business, which is why in many occasions finding accommodation as close to the airport can make their journey infinitely easier.

If this is your case, Air Rooms are the solution; hotel rooms inside or close to the airport have plenty of benefits for those who look for comfort and quality whilst waiting to board on to their next destination.

What advantages do Air Rooms have?

  • Easy connection between flights
    Layovers and express flights demand quickness. Lodging in an Air Room located inside an airport or in the airport environment will help speed the process of connecting from one flight to another whilst getting a bit of rest in between.

  • Quick trips to the city centre or sites of interest
    Airports are usually designed to have a good connection to venues for international events and exhibitions, which for business trips is a great plus. In addition, there are also plenty of services to move from the airport to the city centre or to sites of interest including both public and private transports.

  • Find accommodation per hours or days
    In Air Rooms guests can choose to rest for a couple hours in between flights, to simply take a shower or if they prefer to stay for a few days they can do so with no time restrictions.

  • Comfort, flexibility and affordable prices
    The quick access to Air Rooms makes them a practical, comfortable, affordable and flexible option for travellers, as anyone can book a room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with very competitive prices.

  • Fully equipped
    Every one of our Air Rooms has been specifically designed to accommodate any traveller from all over the world. A double bed, private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, TV and telephone, wake-up call service, messaging service, WIFI, personal hygiene utilities, breakfast or gym, are many of the commodities that guest will find.

Our goal at Premium Traveller is to offer our clients everything they can possibly need while travelling. So much so, Cinco Días – El País national Spanish newspaper already listed us as one of the best accommodation options to exclusively sleep in Madrid’s and Barcelona’s airport ( Furthermore, the worldwide online hotel and flight comparison platform Trivago also positioned our Air Rooms in Madrid Airport among the top 10 in Europe (

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