Premium Traveller, online platform for travelling in comfort


The Premium Traveller brand was developed by GIS to provide value-added services in airports for passengers to travel in maximum comfort while in transit. Using its online platform, passengers can book and purchase a wide range of services with ease, and access them immediately for greater travel comfort:

Air Lounge: Premium Traveller has operating agreements with more than 30 VIP Lounges at leading domestic and international airports.

Air Rooms: guest rooms for passengers right inside the airport. They can be booked for a few hours to shower and freshen up, or for an overnight stay.

Air Meetings: fully equipped meeting rooms and offices available for passengers wanting to make the most of their business trips.

Fast Pass: a set of exclusive personal-assistance services that offer passengers hassle-free, time-saving conveniences in a preferential setting. Fast Pass encompasses all our Meet & Assist and Fast Track services.

Air Shower: there’s nothing like a good shower after a long flight. This insight prompted us to launch this service at Madrid and Barcelona airports.

VIP Parking: Premium Traveller manages Barcelona Airport’s VIP Parking facility and plans to do so at other airports, while also providing our full range of premium services.

Air Wellness: water therapies, sauna, massages, beauty treatments, a hair salon and gym facilities are available to airport passengers in transit.

Visit the Premium Traveller website.