Món Sant Benet, blending tradition and modernity in a single space


Covering an area of 14.000m², Món Sant Benet took shape as a project focusing on urban regeneration, property recuperation and integration into the natural and local surroundings. A unique complex was created to highlight the grandeur of the Monastery while establishing a wide range of contrasts and activities in a single space combining tradition with modernity.

Located in central Catalonia, the Monastery of Sant Benet forms the crux of all the other spaces that comprise this unique project, which was inaugurated in 2007. GIS took part in project management, conceptual and commercial design, economic and financial feasibility studies and the delegated promotion of part of the complex.

Món Sant Benet provides a world of contrasts in which the splendour of the countryside in the El Bages region blends with a cultural heritage spanning over one thousand years of history, all housed in a single complex divided into five spaces: the Monastery, the Fundación Alicia, the Fábrica, the Hotel Món and the natural surroundings. The project centers on the Monastery of Sant Benet, one of Catalonia’s most significant monastic compounds, dating back to the 10th century. The Hotel Món forms part of the compound and its natural surroundings, with over 4,000 m2 of guest rooms and gardens. La Fábrica. a former factory, has been rebuilt and refurbished to provide various spaces: a large multi-purpose venue for conferences and events, a tourism-information module, a reception area, a bar and restaurant, a shop and an educational facility. The Fundación Alicia is a leading-edge culinary research and food-science centre headed by the renowned chef Ferran Adrià.